As I sit on my plane back to New York with Lauryn Hill’s Ex-Factor serenading my ears I can’t help but to reflect on my weekend. To put it simply New Orleans was magical; not because of Bourbon Street, the hurricane yard sticks, tasty beignets, po’ boys, crawfish and creole food but because of the beautiful people I had the pleasure of connecting with. It all started with a text message to my curl friend Lena whom I’d never met before but spoke to so often over the course of my 3 year natural hair journey. I asked if she wanted to attend the New Orleans Natural Hair Expo and a simple yes turned into a great weekend with even more amazing women!


Pictured left to right: myself  @simplydommie, @lenalovecurls, @vonie_boo, @kayvjoe


Pictured left to right: myself @simplydommie, @lenalovecurls, @mycandishoppe, @amberjanielle, @kayvjoe, @vonie_boo

New Orleans was filled with curly, kinky, coily haired humans everywhere you turned and it was so inspiring to witness! Everyone was full of compliments, light and joy. While in NOLA I also attended the Essence Fest! Seeing so many beautiful black people of every shade celebrating, embracing and lifting up our culture was astonishing! I had the opportunity to meet so many of my curl friends that I talk to online all the time and the instant connection and sense of community was unmatched. There was no awkward small talk but genuine souls getting to know one another. I had all intentions of vlogging my stay but I decided to be present, in the moment and not pull out a camera…so worth it. Some may think that hopping on a plane and staying in a hotel with people you’ve never met before is outlandish but it is not. It was a major step out of my comfort zone and I don’t regret it one bit. This trip has connected me with so many amazing people and it left me hungry and motivated to continue sharing my life, simply just saying yes to opportunities that bring me joy and not letting fear get in the way of my dreams.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

So close your eyes right now and imagine your wildest dreams. That dream that instantly puts a smile on your face, melts your heart and gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling inside. It no longer has to be a dream but your reality! I hope this empowers someone to take the first out of their comfort zone. Is it uncomfortable and a bit anxiety provoking? ABSOLUTELY but the end justifies the means because the sense of accomplishment, joy and pride is amazing!

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@scottiebeam: Hot 97 Alumni and from the @BlackGirlPod


owner of @Naturalchixs

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one of the original naturalistas! Jessica of @mahoganycurls

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Top and Skirt set from Target

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Top & Bottom set from Fashion Nova


Until next time! xo


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